How To Get Your Kids To Clean Your Entire Home In Under 15 minutes!


In a never-ending battle to get our kids to pick up their toys and clothes and whatever else left behind in their wake of messes, I came up with this game.  It works well for my family because my kids are super competitive so they don’t even stop to think about the fact that they are getting work done so us parents can tend to more important tasks; i.e. - posting birthday pictures to Facebook 🙂.

The game works like this; They each get a basket, we are partial to our iRGONOMICo Rope Baskets for obvious reasons but you can use whatever basket works best for your kiddos 🙂. Here’s a link to purchase the same ones we used on Amazon.  Full discloser; they’re our iRGONOMICo brand baskets and truth be told this game was a big reason why we chose to enter the basket making business in the first place. There are just so many cool ways to use them and we’ve always focused on creating products that we use in our own homes, not to mention it’s totally a must have for storing pillows or blankets too when not being used to get your kids to clean the house!

They get 15 minutes (sometimes we opt for instead for two 10 minute halves for larger messes/homes) to see who can fill up AND empty their basket the most times. The only way the basket counts as a point is if they show it to the “Official(s)/Referee(s)”. If there is too much open space in a basket they have to keep filling until it’s completely full.  The win/win strategy here is to fill their baskets with large items first then fill the small open spaces in the with smaller objects. This makes us adults feel good because the house will immediately look tidier when all the big items are picked up first followed by the small stuff second. This game also eliminates the whining about picking up someone else’s toys because the one that fills up and empties the most baskets wins. After they empty the basket they have to make sure its contents are getting put away in appropriate places so that they’re not just transporting messes from one area of the house to another. If you have a two-story home it helps to have one Referee upstairs and one downstairs so one parent can confirm that their basket is full and the other so things are getting put away.

When we first began “playing” this game I couldn’t believe how quick my kids were cleaning up their messes! Actually, the hardest thing for me was trying to be the Referee because one of the kids would inevitably lose their minds saying their brother’s or sister's basket wasn’t completely full so "it shouldn’t count".

Nevertheless, this game has been working great but I do think it depends on how competitive you kids are. Mine have been competing since toddlers when we told them they get two points for eating the food on their plates and 3 points for veggies. The real lesson this game has taught our kids is how little time it takes and how easy it is to pick up after themselves. Eventually, they’ll get older and less enthusiastic about the “Basket Clean Up Game” so we just upped the prize. Now the winner wins a pack of basketball cards :} for our boys and a Barbie coloring book for our daughter.

So that's it!  A super SIMPLE, FUN, and FAST way to get your kids to clean up after themselves that's been working for our family for the past 3 years!  I'd love to get your feedback to hear if it works for your family too. Leave us a comment below or comment, like, and share on Facebook!

Good Luck and Happy Organizing!

Lauren & Jake

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